Let the Journey Begin! To the American Chemical Society’s Green Roof

Hello, everyone!  I’m Joanna Brosnan, director of the American Chemical Society’s Facilities Department, and the roof on one of our main facilities, Hach Building at 16th and M Streets in northwest Washington, DC, is going GREEN!!!! Nope! We don’t mean green paint or shingles, we’re talking plants, and yes we’re talking about “plants on the roof.”  A meadow on the roof. We’re delighted to offer a guided tour as the project progresses, right here at the ACS Green Roof Blog.  We certainly would enjoy the company because, as you know, having others come along on a trip makes the adventure that much more rewarding.  From concrete, bricks, and mortar to lush green vegetation and flowers all abloom,  the journey has begun and the destination is the Hach Building Green Roof.  The Hach building already had an energy-efficient “white roof,” which reflected sunlight and heat in the summer.  Now the building is becoming even more sustainable by going green. Watch for new posts chronicling the progress of this real-life adventure in sustainability at least twice a week.  You will be an eye-witness to the project from start to finish, as the Hach Building joins the barely 1 in 10 structures in the Washington, DC area that have green roofs.

― Joanna Brosnan

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